About Us

Tinybull’s is a small scale miniature bull terrier kennel. We strive for quality, not quantity. It is me, Astrid Odell, that runs this kennel and I live together with my husband Joel, son Alfred and daughter Olivia in a house just outside of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Dogs have always been a part of my life and it started with a bunch of lovely wire haired dachshounds. The interest for bull terriers came early on when my mum read the story “The incredible journey” when I was a child. It is a fantastic book about a bull terrier, a siames cat and a labrador retriever.

Miniature bull terriers stole my heart with their personality and charm at Crufts in London 2001.

Our first miniature bull terrier Ester was born 2004 at the reknowned Gummibullens kennel. She was a true joy to be around, always happy and ready to follow us on our excursions. Ester died from a brain tumor in August 2016 after a long, happy and healthy life. She has given us the foundation of our kennel and much love and laughter.

Right now Team Tinybull’s have nine minis. Doris, Dolly, Saga, Bosse, Ivan,  Harry, Leo, Freddie and Oscar. All of them, except Doris, are living with their own families and I just use them for breeding and stud.

Our goal is to breed healthy minis true to breed type and with lovely temperament. We also take pride in striving for minis around the breed measure 14 inches (35,5 cm). It is of course nothing we can guarantee but we will always take height in concideration and strive for the small format that a miniature bullterrier should have. Our foundation bitch Ester is good start as she is 34 cm (13 inches) and she has proven to give small size to her puppies, as has the Gummibullen line in general.

You are always welcome to contact us for puppy or stud enquiries.